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Drawn to Life
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5th-Dec-2007 08:56 pm(no subject)
 Hello, just wanted to say that i'm thrilled that somebody created a community for drawn to life! It is such a great game and i'm very happy to be a member here :D
4th-Dec-2007 08:49 pm - Drawn to Life = <3
Hello there, Drawn to Life fans. I notice there aren't very many yet, but I'm sure that'll change with time.

My husband bought the game for me as an early Christmas gift, and I haven't been able to put it down at all. I drew three characters: myself, Lionel Messi (an Argentine soccer player), and Kratos Aurion (of Tales of Symphonia fame). On the second save file, my husband drew Kefka (from FFVI) just to be evil to the little Raposas. xD

I would show you pictures, but my webcam is currently being a... well... you get the picture.

Currently, I'm in the second world trying to fend off Deadwood. And I'm having such a hard time with him. I finally figured out how to get his life down by hitting the little pine cones on the branches, but those shadow creatures are just ganging up on me. I hope that somewhere down the line I get a bigger "life meter" or can start taking more hits, because this is ridiculous!

21st-Nov-2007 04:14 am - more Drawn to Life pictures
this game pleases me to no end.

the continuing story of Jesus/Sadako, pictures, and some spoilersCollapse )

i'd love to see other people's pictures of their Drawn to Life creations!

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18th-Nov-2007 11:28 pm - first post
i am loving Drawn to Life. it's absolutely brilliant! i took some pictures of some of the stuff i drew in the game - warning, swear word ahead.

stylus!Collapse )

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