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Drawn to Life
at first i thought it was neat how the game had two perspectives -… 
25th-Nov-2007 06:19 am

at first i thought it was neat how the game had two perspectives - when you're in the town, doing tasks and talking to villagers, it's an overhead perspective, like A Link to the Past, and then when you go through the door to do battle in each world, it's a platform/sidescroll perspective.

however, now i am sick of the parts of the game that require you to interact in the village. i don't really like doing stuff in the village because i would rather be collecting coins and jumping on bad guy's heads, but you can't move forward until you do what you have to do. i hate talking to the mayor and then finding someone and then going back to the mayor, etc, etc, etc. i wish it was all just fighting and getting past stages!

i love how, when you jump on a villain's head, for example, the slime monster, it takes three jumps to kill him and after each jimp "1x", "2x", "3x" will appear above the monster's head, and if you do enough of them, it says "nice combo!" which makes me think of Mortal Kombat.

i love collecting coins, as i have previously mentioned.

right now i'm on the third level, which is the door in the northeast part of the village. this is the beach area of the town, so i had to draw flippers and a helmet for Sadako, so she could swim. gah! i hate water worlds in video games. it's slower to swim than to run, and there are fish, and i hate those guys. argh! so i'm kind of angry at this level because of all the swimming involved.

i'm almost done this level, and then there is one level left. :(

i bought some abilities from the shop but i don't know how to use them, nor do i know how to play the songs i've collected.

i like how you have to clear away slime with the stylus - i get great satisfaction from it, and i love the "pop" noise it makes. i love jumping on the slime monsters. i love how a shower of coins appears once you clear a section of slime. god, i love collecting coins. i love the little noise it makes when you get a coin. i pretty much love anything that reminds me of the Super Mario games (except for water worlds. god, i hate water worlds. HATE THEM!)

on to the pictures, and once again, i highly encourage you to share your pictures too!

the eternal flame. isn't it pretty?

the observatory

level three

helmet and flippers so Sadako can brave the watery deeps

Sadako in her spiffy helmet and fins

the town clock - the face is obstructed by the hands - and Sadako dancing

i had to draw a gun that shoots starfish

the gun looks much more impressive up close

a jumpy thing that sends Sadako soaring to new heights. do you like all the teeth i've been drawing?

it asked me to draw seaweed for Sadako to hide behind. so -

very convincing camoflauge, no?

it wanted me to draw a coconut radio. so - ta-da!

it wanted me to draw tides to sweep me along underwater. it looks very impressive when it was sweeping me along but i could not photograph it as it moved too quickly.

it wanted me to draw a statue - so a statue i drew

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